What Counts as Good Philosophical Writing?

I wrote the following in response to a ‘Writing Center’ request as to what might mark differences between philosophical writing and that for other disciplines. Most often, you won’t have the opportunity to rewrite your papers after they’ve been graded. So you need to teach yourself to write a draft, scrutinize the draft, and revise and rewrite your paper before turning it in to be graded. Don’t worry about using the verb “is” or “to be” too much.

  1. Philosophy essays and research papers are some of the most common homework assignments for a philosophy class.
  2. You can, of course, have more than two premises, but an undergraduate will typically consider an argument with 2-4 premises.
  3. Avoid using jargon, and write in short sentences and paragraphs.
  4. In a philosophy paper, it’s OK to use this verb as much as you need to.
  5. As I said above, your papers are supposed to demonstrate that you understand and can think critically about the material we discuss in class.

Read on various philosophers and examine their famous works. Feminism and idealism through the lens of behavioral science.

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well written philosophy essay

These are all important and philosophically valuable results.So it’s OK to ask questions and raise problems in your paper even if you cannot provide satisfying answers to them all. You can leave some questions unanswered at the end of the paper.

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In short, always strive to express yourself in the simplest, clearest, and most precise terms possible. The paper should demonstrate a strong grasp and command of the material from the course. Remember that accuracy is still important regarding well written philosophy essay fine details—even minor differences in words can drastically change the meaning of a sentence. Proofread and edit your essay to correct any typos and grammatical mistakes. Honest consideration of opposing views or counterarguments.

What are lazy words?

Lazy words are filler words. They act similar to verbal pauses in speech. As an example, I fell prey to “just” in graduate school.

That’s why we read some dialogues and stories in Philosophy 3. But these forms of philosophical writing are extremely difficult to do well. They tempt the author to be imprecise and to use Dissertation Proofreading PhD Help unclear metaphors. You need to master ordinary philosophical writing before you can do a good job with these more difficult forms. Make sure every sentence in your draft does useful work.

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Provide personal analysis to support each argument. Structure your philosophical ideas from easy to complex. Provide real-life examples to help your http://dnasoa.com/get-assignment-help-online-by-best-assignment/ audience understand complex aspects. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can distract a reader and divert her attention from your argument.

However, it does not send me to it when I press the link. Is it possible if I can still get hold of this? I would be grateful to have these writing tips. I good see usefully assigning it to first year students in grad school, or seniors in a capstone who have to write a senior thesis. Philosopher X assumes A and argues from there to B. Philosopher X just assumes A and doesn’t give any argument for it.

Best Philosophy Essay Structure

Your evaluation (a.k.a. critique) should be organized in a way that reflects the structure of your exposition. This is easy to do since you have selected for exposition only those aspects of the article about which you have something to say. Be sure your evaluation obeys the rules laid out in the Writing Style section above. However, often times you will be asked to find a topic on your own (for example, you are merely asked to critically analyze an article or text such as Plato’s Republic https://contact.devjci.com/?p=323782 or Frege’s “On Sense and Reference”). If this is the case, then you will need to select an aspect of the text that you find particularly interesting, troubling, exciting, confusing, or problematic. By an aspect of the article, I do not mean a particular section of words or bits of language; I mean a claim or set of claims to which the author is committed, either by explicitly arguing for them, or presupposing them. An outline is a draft that has important ideas for your paper.

  1. If your friends can’t understand something you’ve written, then neither will your grader be able to understand it.
  2. In this way, philosophers provide a framework to look at the world and make assumptions regarding many domains of human life.
  3. Writing a philosophy paper is quite different from other types of papers.
  4. (And here too, cite the pages you’re referring to.)Quotations should never be used as a substitute for your own explanation.
  5. You can also make use of some arguments concerning your topic that have already been voiced by other philosophers, and see if you are convinced by any of these arguments if you can elaborate or refute them.

Or he could have presented reasons for thinking that A is false. Or he could have argued that assuming A is an illegitimate move to make in a debate about whether B is true. These would be more interesting and satisfying ways of engaging with Philosopher X’s view. Don’t begin with a sentence like “Down well written philosophy essay through the ages, mankind has pondered the problem of…” There’s no need to warm up to your topic. You should get right to the point, with the first sentence.Also, don’t begin with a sentence like “Webster’s Dictionary defines a soul as…” Dictionaries aren’t good philosophical authorities.

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However, there are some reasons to be doubtful whether P. X poses a problem for the view that P because… If something in a view you’re examining is unclear to you, don’t gloss it over. Suggest several different ways of understanding the view. Explain why it’s not clear which of these interpretations is correct.

What is your philosophy in your life?

The philosophy of life would include things like how you decide what is “good” and “bad”, what “success” means, what your “purpose” in life is (including if you don’t think there is a purpose), whether there is a God, how we should treat each other, etc.

In this case, your thesis might be something like, “Aristotle’s concept that beauty is related to virtue is false because beauty is often found in those who lack virtue.” You can also think of your audience as a person who has some knowledge of philosophy, but who does not have the same understanding as you do. Therefore, if you introduce a special term or concept, you will need to define it for your audience.

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