The 8 Best Drain Cleaners Of 2021

If your kitchen sink runs slowly because of grease clogs, this gallon-sized bottle is essential to have on hand. If you mix a chemical drain cleaner with bleach or ammonia, the chemical reaction can create a toxic gas, which is especially dangerous for those with asthma or heart conditions. The chemicals and their fumes can irritate or burn eyes, skin, and mucous membranes.

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies (Homeowner’s Guide) –

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies (Homeowner’s Guide).

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Never mix drain cleaners with other cleaning products — even homemade — or pour a second cleaner down if the first doesn’t work. The chemical reaction can cause toxic gas or even an explosion. While not for use in completely clogged drains through which no water flows , chemical- or enzyme-based solutions are effective in de-gunking partially clogged drains.

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If you are looking for the Best Enzyme Drain Cleaners Under 100$, it worth considering. Thanks to the ecommerce market, that we don’t have to go outside to buy Enzyme Drain Cleaners and waste our valuable time in searching. From the e-store, we can find multiple and compare them, but my question is, how many Enzyme Drain Cleaners can you compared. You have to narrow your choice, and for that, we are here.

Plus, a few Amazon users also reported that it’s also helped them eradicate drain flies. Bio Clean uses a special combination of naturally-occurring bacteria and enzymes to digest organic waste such as hair, grease, soap scum, paper, food particles, and more. Being an enzymatic cleaner, it works more slowly than traditional chemical drain cleaners and works best overnight on slow flowing drains and as a once-per-month maintenance product. It won’t clear a complete blockage, and multiple uses are sometimes necessary to thoroughly clear partially clogged drains.

Zep Drain Defense Enzymatic Drain Care Powder Zdc16 Safe For Pipes & Septic

With all that in mind, I’ve curated a list of the best enzyme drain cleaners on Amazon — these are all biodegradable and can be used safely in all manners of drains. The strong common base of an acidic drain cleaner is lye with a formula of sodium hydroxide, but this is safe for septic systems. The most crucial consideration when you are choosing a drain cleaner is the reason why you need it. You might want to buy one that cleans your clogged drains effectively but will also prevent choked drains in the future. You need a powerful one to clear a clog, but a mild one will do for daily maintenance. The best part about enzyme cleaners, besides the fact that they are very safe to use, is that they continue to work over time.

  • This is a risk of accidental exposure or fatal ingestion.
  • System Compatibility If you have plastic pipes, a septic tank, or a garbage disposal, take extra care when picking a drain cleaner.
  • The type and age of your pipes should be listed in your home inspection report.
  • Once this happens, solid particles trapped in the biofilm can be flushed through the pipes.
  • For a great all-around drain cleaner, you can’t go wrong with Drano Max Gel Clog Remover .
  • The enzyme cleaners are perfect for septic systems and for preventative drain cleaning work.
  • Over time, this buildup on the surface will lead to stoppages.
  • Chemical-based drain cleaners work the fastest, but also have the potential to cause more damage.
  • Wait for all the water to drain out of the sink or tub, then pour the bottle of Liquid Plumr slowly down the drain.
  • Waterworks began to appear in England and the United States in the 19th century, and flush toilets weren’t far behind.
  • You can dissolve grease clogged drain cleaner in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, laundry room, garage, workshop, tub, shower, etc.
  • I also believe that the fact the washing machine dumps into the same line helps to keep it clearer than it would be if it were only the kitchen sink.

Usually, people go for the mid-range drain cleaner because they are suitable for maintenance. The more expensive ones are for bigger unclogging jobs like if you have a severe buildup that has accumulated for months or years. The ComStar contains 99% pure lye bead, with industrial-strength, biodegradable, and food grade. The formula of this best drain opener does not contain dyes, water, or useless fillers, so what you are getting is the pure substance of what it is. You can use this on fine fixtures, plastic pipes, and chrome.

Testers raved at how easy it was to use (it takes less than five minutes!) and how clear their drains ran afterwards. Just pour two ounces of the fragrance-free liquid down your drain and leave it to work overnight, flushing with clean water in the morning. For complete clogs, or slow-flowing drains, the gel works in minutes.

Chemical drain openers can also eat holes in clothing if accidentally splashed or spilled. Most of the products at the department store are made with strong chemicals to break down hair, grease, and oils. This type of cleaner is also safe for you and your plumbing system, as well as your fixtures. Unlike strong chemicals, they create less impact but are still just as effective.

How To Use Drain Cleaners Safely

Bio-Clean is another tried-and-true formula that uses a combination of enzymes and bacteria to eliminate organic matter. Each container is good for 100 uses and can be used in all manner of drains, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and even motorhomes and cat litter pans. The best enzyme drain cleaner is the Bio-clean Drain Septic Bacteria, 2 which is zep enzyme drain cleaner a treatment formula that can be used to prevent clogging again. You can use this for up to 100 treatments, so even if it takes patience before you see results, you will not regret using it. If the kitchen sink is clogged, it might be because of food sticking in the drain pipe. You need a drain cleaner that breaks down food to help you clean it easily.

, they pose no risk to your pipes, surfaces, or septic system. In fact, these handy enzymes actually help boost your septic tank’s natural bacteria population. While there’s a possibility for skin irritation, enzyme drain cleaners will not cause burns or mucous membrane irritation like chemical drain cleaners. The Drano Max Gel can be used as a commercial drain cleaner for sink that fights through standing water to unclog it. You can dissolve grease clogged drain cleaner in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, laundry room, garage, workshop, tub, shower, etc.

Roebic Septic Tank Treatment

Lenzyme should be used daily for up to 10 days to eliminate the slow drain. The enzyme bacteria will break down the blockage and increase drainage. The thick formula sticks to the blades of your garbage disposal, cleaning and deodorizing the appliance while it unclogs pipes.

I do follow the instructions and use on a regular basis. My container looks different but the product inside is the same. Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. Why my kids didn’t tell me the tub wouldn’t drain is beyond mental comprehension.

It’s likely not powerful enough to displace a big chunk of grease or a large hair blockage, but it’s good for maintenance and light duty uses. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, which is where Roebic Septic Tank Treatment (appx. $7) comes in. Created to keep backups and clogs at bay, this formula is strong but environmentally friendly, and each 1-quart bottle is appropriate for a 500-gallon tank.

The 2-pound canister contains up to 128 treatments, so you will get plenty of uses out of your purchase. It’s safe for all plumbing, including septic tanks, and it biodegrades after use, so it is safe for the environment. It also contains micronutrients that help feed the bacteria while increasing the product’s lifespan and effectiveness. Harris EDC-18 Enzyme Drain Cleaner is a powder drain cleaner that allows you to perform 40 treatments per container. It’s safe for all plumbing materials, including copper, brass, PVC, chrome, and more. It is also 100% eco-friendly and biodegrades shortly after use.

#3 Green Gobbler Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Once you have poured the right amount, allow it to sit there for a couple of hours. There are a lot of things that cause drains to clog, but if it is because of hair, you need a drain cleaner and a strainer to stop hair. You will need a drain brush so you can drag the hair out of the drain. final most important line opener dissolves grease, hair, oils, cleaning soap scum, child wipes, and paper merchandise simply with out utilizing caustic chemical substances. the revolutionary components is nice for each addressing clogs and preventive upkeep.

To prove that, we have hand-picked some of the most relatable reviews we could find online, and we are sharing their essential parts with you. One package has enough gel concentrate for up to 40 or 60 uses, depending on how hard the pipes are clogged. It is recommendable to use the product once a month, to prevent any future build-ups.

#1 Best Enzyme Drain Cleaners Reviews 2021

When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections,we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices,we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. Compared to others, enzymatic drain cleaners are safe and more friendly to the environment because they do not cause water and soil leakage. They use enzymes and bacteria that eat biodegradable waste.


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