7 Best Electric String Trimmers In 2021

If you’d prefer to control the feed of your line, then opt for a bump head. Those who want to simply cut without thinking about the line should opt for automatic feed. You need to be sure that you have a ready supply of trimmer string available before you start a job. While some companies offer easy-reload modules, these may not be available everywhere. And, if you’re dealing with trying to trim down the weeds along the side of your garage in an awkward space, that may become important to you.

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CRAFTSMAN V20 Outdoor Power Tools.

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There are also attachments available and the built in spindle lock eliminates the need for tools when changing the cutting attachment. It’s lined solid steel drive shaft will drastically reduce vibration. That along with the padded front and rear handles reduces fatigue makes the operation of this model much more comfortable. The 22.5 cc engine is a new model of the Tanaka TCG22EASSLP 21.1cc model. There aren’t many reviews yet on the new Tanaka TCG23ECPSLdue to it’s recent release, but the older model got very good reviews. The process in a 4-cycle engine is 1) intake 2) compression 3) power 4) exhaust.

All String Trimmer Reviews

However, when the lawn gets too long, it is a bit more complicated to mow it, especially in areas where a lawnmower cannot reach. Adding a gas trimmer to your arsenal is a great investment that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. The 10th placed is taken by a good-quality gas-powered trimmer that comes with an easy start technology and a cutting width of 17 inches. Due to its lightweight feature, it is extremely easy to use and operate.

What you do get with this trimmer is cordless freedom and a clean conscience. The environment will thank you and so will your neighbors. It also comes equipped with the familiar STIHL adjustable shaft for comfort and the looped handle can be adjusted up to 360 degrees as well. As an entry-level battery-powered string trimmer the FSA 56 has plenty of competition. After looking around for a good comparison product we settled on the Husqvarna 115iL. This model has a 36-volt battery that gives you lots of juice to get the job done.

Gas Powered String Trimmer

Therefore, if you want to buy a trimmer for maintaining a large yard, it is essential to consider one with a larger cutting width. When it comes to buying some gardening equipment, one should keep some useful buying tips in mind. The idea is to find the right tool that will make your life easier. On the other hand, you want a durable device that comes at an affordable price. If you like equipment with attractive designs, you will fall in love with this Bluemax model.

The best feature of the Greenworks battery powered string trimmer is the 90-degree pivoting head with an edging wheel. This 2-in-1 string trimmer allows you to get two jobs done at once. The downside is the trim feed can be a little difficult to thread.

Stuff flying everywhere, some of it hard, some of it gooey and gross, some of it even hurts a bit. If you have a lawn care business maybe you only have nice cushy jobs that barely have any grass to mow. I get calls and customers who have neglected their lawns for a long time by the time they call me. As my business grows these types of clean-ups are rarer, but rest assured there will always be that clean-up nightmare job.

The only thing these electric weed trimming devices have going for them is they tend to be lighter in weight, and therefore easier to use, but the good parts stop there. You’ll also find the Husqvarna trimmers lightweight, balanced, quiet and easy-to-use. Another thing is that the trimming part of the lawn care is the hardest part usually. It’s the part of the work that people can’t do in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops.

Uncontrolled weed can easily overwhelm you and take over your garden. It ruins your garden and turns your beautiful garden into a forest. This is more so when many people are turning into organic gardening to grow their own food. The nylon does wear down over time and needs to be replaced.

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EGO 56V Leaf Blower Reviews 2021.

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As a bonus, the GT-225 starts 30% easier than the competition. You will not struggle to get it running, even in the cold. For a smooth and efficient trimming experience, try the Echo GT-225. What you need to know is whether your gas line trimmer has an auto choke or not.

All in all, it is a good option to take into consideration. There are plenty of extra features you should take into consideration before making your final choice. For example, you can choose between a straight or curved shaft. Curved shafts tend to be more comfortable for the long-haul, but a straight one will enable you to reach trickier places. If you are bigger or shorter than the average person, you might want to buy a trimmer with an adjustable shaft.

gas grass trimmer reviews

This 4-cycle gas weed trimmer is also one of the cheapest on our list and also comes with many features that ensure you get even better value. Most 4-cycle gas trimmers are also easy gas grass trimmer reviews to start, more durable and more efficient and cheaper to run. But, you can only get all these and the many other benefits of using these weed trimmers if you get the best ones.

To cut the grass along a flower bed, hold the string trimmer in a vertical position. To cut the grass along fences or other obstructions, hold the string trimmer as level as possible to ensure flat and even grass. However, if you have other Dewalt tools, you may have a 20V battery that can be used interchangeably between your tools and your Dewalt battery string trimmer.

But having used both, I am convinced that any straight-shaft string trimmer will outperform a bent-shaft one, any day of the week. “Mid grade” gas string trimmers offer more features and are more comfortable to use. These are for homeowners who have more trimming to do and are for heavier duty use. However, this does result in a larger engine in terms of size and weight.

Adjustable Handle

However, the tree terms usually refer to the same equipment. The ergonomically curved shaft makes the cutting process more balanced and easier. But, there isn’t any significant difference in performance between the curved and straight shaft.


At the same time, it has the power you need, so that it can handle the heavy jobs, when you need it. “Entry level” gas string trimmers are designed for the homeowner who has a minimal amount of trimming to do but needs the flexibility of a trimmer that can go anywhere. They are very effective to use around flower beds that do not have a border and along small walkways.

Worx Wg116 4 0 Ah 12 Electric String Trimmer & Edger

If you are looking for a string trimmer that provides precise power control,this might be a solid option. This product features a high-powered 40-volt MAX lithium-ion battery system, which offers great power and excellent run time. The automatic feed spool ensures continuous work without bumping. If you want a trimmer which converts easily to an edger, this might be a good option. This product features a 13-inch cut path with .065 dual line auto-feed and adjustable auxiliary handle. Other features include 180-rotating handle for edging along sidewalks and driveways, as well as a cord lock which prevents the cord from disconnecting.

It should also go without saying that wearing ear protectors while your work is recommended. This is an excellent product really for the relatively low price. This is the second most powerful engine from the 5 products I have reviewed but the second-lowest price.

If you have a small yard, you won’t want to spend a whole lot on a string trimmer. The benefit of the straight shaft is that it has that additional torque for thicker grass and weeds. It can also get into hard to reach locations because it doesn’t have a curved shaft’s natural barrier.

In the same way that the Echo is far-and-away the best gas weed whacker on the market, this Ego blows away the cordless competition. They are also the most expensive to operate because of the cost of fuel, and their mechanical parts may need more maintenance or repair than other types of string trimmers. Gas models are also, in most cases, the heaviest to use and more difficult to start. Husqvarna gas string trimmer is a great tool to work comfortably for a long time. This 2-cycle gas string trimmer is one of the most versatile machines that you may use for your medium-sized yard.

Since it’s an automatic feed model, you’ll go through that line rapidly and will quickly need more. I advise picking up a more durable line to refill the spool. Telescoping shaft, 14″ head, and an edger guide wheel – the Toro electric string trimmer/edger has lots of variability. With a 5-amp motor and a dual-line cutting head, it will take down tall weeds and smooth out grass surfaces with ease. Husqvarna has made a solid product that’s well worth the money spent. The shaft is of medium length, making it ideal for use by both short and tall people.

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Top 10 Best Amazon Gas Powered Weed Eaters 2021 – Bestgamingpro.

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The design also has an adjustable extra grip which can compensate for the length if you feel it is still too long after adjusting. The extra grip also gives you more control when you are trying to reach weeds at an awkward distance. Adjusting the length of the shaft to your height gives you more control. Certain gas versions require a mix of both oil and gasoline which means more maintenance but that is not the case for this model.

For most people, a cordless or electric string trimmer is ideal, as both are lightweight and easy to manage. Its telescopic handle allows you to adjust the length to most easily suit your needs. Really, if the head was just a smidge wider, say the 14″ range, I would have pegged this as the best cordless string trimmer. But if you don’t mind that smaller head, it’s a great piece of equipment. The only thing that stops this from being my overall recommendation for best electric string trimmer is that the cutting line they recommend is surprisingly lightweight.

  • Gas models are also, in most cases, the heaviest to use and more difficult to start.
  • In the bump feed system, you need to tap or bump the head against the ground, which will then release the line for your requirement.
  • The lead can be highly awkward and is likely to get in the way as you’re trying to trim your lawn.
  • The S-start technology incorporated into the engine helps ensure quick and easy starts, every time.
  • Extra batteries can always be purchased, but they are not cheap.
  • We haven’t had any problems with our Ryobi battery yet, and we didn’t see the problem mentioned in the other major reviews, but we’ll update if ours kicks the bucket.
  • The line is simple to replace, and the included shoulder strap makes it easy to haul around the yard.
  • But check out the weight of the trimmer before you buy as it all depends on your comfort level to carry.

I think the main negative is going to be that the price is not within everyone’s range. However, if you can afford it this machine should be a reliable choice and should last for many years. For consumers, there is a 7-year warranty, for commercial users a 2-year warranty, which gives some reassurance when putting your hand in your pocket.

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